Frequently Asked Questions

How does Version 2.0 differ from the original?

taylorwise Water Analysis Software (product #9003) was originally designed for use with Taylor Technologies’ WiseLAB® line of countertop laboratories for retailers. Version 2.0, however, accepts test results from any testing equipment to generate water treatment recommendations. Besides adding some new chemical treatment products to the database and incorporating any recent dosage changes made by their manufacturers to existing treatment choices, the other main changes in Version 2.0 are:

  • Ability to print out customer notes plus save them to test histories
  • Ability to e-mail customers their test results
  • Addition of a cyanuric acid correction factor to the water balance calculation
  • Updated Saturation Index target (-0.3 to +0.5), with calculated SI appearing on the Water Analysis Report
  • A metric alternative to the U.S. customary system of measurement

I don't see some of the treatment products we sell/use. Can I add these products myself?

Yes, you can. Click on Product Selections, then select either Pool Products or Spa Products. Next select the Test for which you wish to add a product by clicking on the Edit button. Follow the detailed instructions found below the Product List.

What are the minimum hardware requirements for use of the taylorwise software?

The minimum system requirements are as follows:

  • CPU: Pentium® III or better
  • RAM: 500 megabytes
  • Available Hard Disk Storage: 30 megabytes
  • Operating System: Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, or Windows® 7 (compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit systems)