TTi® Colorimeter Series PC App Support Site

To use your TTi® Colorimeter to the fullest extent possible it is necessary to install a special software application on your PC. This TTi Colorimeter Series PC App will allow you to:

  • Obtain the latest edition of the TTi Colorimeter Series User’s Manual and access helpful links for further information and assistance
  • Transfer test results from your meter to the customer database you maintain on your PC or laptop
  • Create proprietary (i.e., user-developed) test files
  • Keep the meter’s operating software (i.e., firmware) up to date
  • Receive notification of newly available test files, as well as any improvements to existing test files, so you can add them to your meter’s capabilities

Click on the Download Software button to begin downloading the app to your PC. You will be prompted to enter registration information, including the colorimeter serial number (S/N), to proceed with the download. The serial number can be found on the product label on the bottom of the meter.

With the TTi Colorimeter connected to your PC, you should occasionally open the TTi Colorimeter Series PC App and select the Check for Updates icon on the main screen. If any updated or new files are determined to be available to you, they can be downloaded through the app at your option. Note: new test files for a particular meter model are supplied free of charge to the registered owner.

The Support button offers a video introduction to the TTi Colorimeter plus an explanation of your warranty coverage, as well as links to:

  • All available test chemistries for your model
  • Demonstrations of colorimeter tests in the video library on the main Taylor website,
  • Technical assistance with the operation of your meter

The FAQ button provides answers to several frequently asked questions about the TTi Colorimeter Series PC App. The Contact Us button summarizes how to get in touch with us by telephone, mail, and e-mail.

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